The next chapter of Things Fall Apart opens up with the clansmen meeting together to discuss what will become of the young boy sacrifice Ikemefuna. They decide that he will stay with Okonkwo. Ikemefuna was very afraid and tried running away a few times, but he soon became very acquainted with Okonkwo's family. Ikemefuna began to grow on okonkwo, but he refused to show how much he enjoyed having him around. This is definately a minor conflict in the story because Okonkwo won't allow himself to show his emotions, unless it is anger. He feels that this is a sign of weakness. This type of conflict is an internal conflict.
    The Week of Peace has now come around in the village. This is when the villagers take a week to really appreciate their gods by showing kindness to each other. Any act that contradicted peaceful behaviour was punished. During this week, Okonkwo becomes angry with one of his wives, and beats her severely. Okonkwo was shamed because of this. The quote "But he would not be the man to go telling his neighbors that he was in error" shows Okonkwo's character. The quote tells the readerreader that Okonkwo has too much pride for his own good.
    When the Week of Peace had passed, Okonkwo and his family began getting ready to start farming more yams. During this time, he would be very hard on his eldest son, Nwoye. Okonkwo gets angry that he is not as fit and as hardworking as he was when he was Nwoye's age, and says, "You think you are still a child". This is an example of verbal irony because he is upset that his son is not acting like an adult, which he is not. Nwoye is just becoming a preteen. Nwoye really looked up to Ikemefuna, and had become really close to him. Ikemefuna would always tell stories about things that happened in his village. After time passed, Ikemefuna began to miss his home less and less. I feel like Ikemefuna feels so welcomed and so at home because of his heirarchy of need. At this point, Ikemefuna just wants to be able to have a place to call home and people to call family.

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    Chinua Achebe

        Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria on Novemmber 16, 1930. He published the novel Things Fall Apart in 1958. Achebe has written other novels as well. He is still living.


    January 2013