While feasting on the locusts, Ogbuefi Ezeudu, the oldest man in Umuofia, comes in to have a word with Okonkwo. He came to tell Okonkwo that the village leaders have decided to kill Ikemefuna. He also told Okonkwo not to participate in his 'son's' death. Okonkwo didn't want to worry ikemefuna, so instead of telling him that he was being executed, he told him that he was just returning home. However, Ikemefuna knew how this went already. "He remembered when men had talked in low tones with his father, and it seemed now as if it was happening all over again". This quote shows dramatic irony because Okonkwo has told Ikemefuna that he will be going home and thinks that this is what Ikemefuna believes, but Ikemefuna knows that he is being killed. The next day, while taking Ikemefuna out to be killed, the clansmen heard the noise of a celebration far off in the distance. This is dramatic irony as well, based on the quote "Somewhere a man was taking one of the titles of his clan, with music and dancing and a great feast" because someone is celebrating the progression of their life, while Ikemefuna is on his way to be executed. On the way to be killed, Ikemefuna constantly thinks about his mother and sister and if they're ok. He is does this to try to convince himself that he is actually going home. Suddenly, without warning, one of the clansmen that was walking behind Ikemefuna strikes him in the head with a machete. Ikemefuna fell to the ground and cried "My father, they have killed me!". Okonkwo heard the blow and rushed to ikemefuna. But instead of trying to help him, Okonkwo took his machete and finished him off. This showed foreshadowing of some bad events later on in the plot because Okonkwo was warned not to be a part of Ikemefuna's death, but he helped kill him anyway. As soon as Okonkwo returned from killing Ikemefuna, Nwoye knew exactly what happened, the whole family did. For the next few dyas, Okonkwo refused to eat because of his guilt. He cursed himself for turning into an 'old woman'. He later decides to go to his friend Obierka's obi, where they talk about Ikemefuna's death and the rest of Okonkwo's kids. Okonkwo is upset that his kids are not as strong and independent as Okonkwo was at their age. While they were talking, Ofoedu came in, informing them that Ogbuefi Ndulue has died that morning, and that his wife has also died after discovering her husband's death. This is an event that seems like it was foreshadowed after Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna. 
Okonkwo eventually began to get over Ikemefuna's death. he was eager to get back to farming in order to keep his mind off of him. This shows the charcterization of Okonkwo because of the way that he is so centered around work and being successful. Later on, Okonkwo returns to Obierika's obi in order to meet his  daughter's suitor. 

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    Chinua Achebe

        Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria on Novemmber 16, 1930. He published the novel Things Fall Apart in 1958. Achebe has written other novels as well. He is still living.


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