The book Things Fall Apart has the protoganist Okonkwo, who is very strong emotionally and doesn't show any of his feelings. After three nights without sleep, Okonkwo finally gets some rest. He then decides that there was really no reason for him to have been feeling so horrible the past few days. Ekwefi, Okonkwo's second wife, suddenly comes into Okonkwo's obi and tells him that Ezinma is dying. For Ekwefi, this is her tenth child, even though Ezinma is Ekwefi's only daughter. She has had nine other children, who have all passe away within a few months of their birth. The quote "...became for Ekwefi mere physical agony devoid of promise" describes how Ekwefi has stopped expected to have a child that she could love and take care of, and only had the pain of bearing the child to look forward to. A man who had a lot of knowledge of obanje children once helped them find out why their children were dying, whose name was Okagbue Uyanwa. He helped Ezinma find her iyi-uwa and destroy it in order to keep her from dying. Okonkwo ends up curing Ezinma's illness by having her sit under a thick rug with a boiling pot of medicine. She soon sweated her illness out, and was fine in no time.

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    Chinua Achebe

        Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria on Novemmber 16, 1930. He published the novel Things Fall Apart in 1958. Achebe has written other novels as well. He is still living.


    January 2013