Suspense is created in the short story "How I Met My Husband" in more than one way. First, the feeling of whether or not Edie will be caught wearing the dress captivates the reader. The part of the story when Edie is waiting for Chris Watter's letter also creates suspense. This is because the reader doesn't know whether or not the letter is coming. The story makes the reader wonder "what happens next". An example of mystery in this story would be Chris Watters' reason for packing up and leaving suddenly. An example of dilemma would be Chris Watters' intinmate actions with e
    The concept of point of view is very complex. Point of view is the perspective of a story. There are seven different points of view. Here is a list of them:
    1. Omniscient
    2. Third-Person Limited (major character)
    3. Third-Person Limited (minor character)
    4. First Person (major character)
    5. First Person (minor character)
    6. Objective (dramatic)
    7. Second-Person
Each of these types of points of view differ from another in their own ways. When a story is told in first person, the story is coming directly from someone who is previlant in the story. A story told in thrid-person comes from someone in the story, but is not the main character. There are three types of third-person roles. One is third-person omniscient, which is told in third-person by the narrator of the story with unlimited knowledge and prerogatives. Some examples of what a third-person omniscient character could be compared to includes Sanata Clause or God. Third-person limited is when the story is told in third-person from the viewpoint of a character that is in the story. Third-Person stream of consciousness presents the random thoughts going through a character's head within a certain period of time.
    When reading a story, point of view can effect the narrator's credibilty. For example, an omniscient character is all knowing. A first person character