I am currently reading the book "Language in Thought and Action" by S.I. Hayakawa. In this book, the topic of maps and territories is covered, both literally and metaphorically. Maps and territories are of great use to humanity. The book states that animals and humans both have territories, but only humans are capable of mapping out their territories. this is the literal sense of mapping and territories. However, when we use the terms maps and territories in a metaphorical sense, they take on a different meaning. Maps are the extensional or verbal world. For example, things only exist through what you've heard; they're not really there because you have never experienced them. The verbal world is only what you've heard from others. This is the exact opposite with territories. Territories are your personal experiences. This concept helps shape the way that you look at life and your morals. Both of these concepts, both maps and territories, are ways of looking at situations. When one is "mapping", they are using information that they've heard from someone else. When one is 

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