The AP English exam consists of two parts; multiple choice and three essays. Within these essays, the student is asked to analyze a piece of literary work. During these essays, it is common for a student to use words that are used far too often in these essays. In order to stand out, we've learned words to use in replacement for words such as 'the reader', 'show', and 'use'. Today, we worked in teams finding words to replace these. Some of the words we came up with to use in place of 'the reader' are: the observer, the audience, and scholar. We also came up with a list of words to replace the word 'show', which included: portrays, illustrates, and displays. Last, we made a list of words to use in our essays that replaced the word 'use'. Here's a few words that we came up with: employs, practices, and utilize. These are just a few examples of words that can be used in the AP English exam's writing portion in order to capture and keep the observer's attention.

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