In the last part of Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov has witnessed the death of a friend of his. Raskolnikov ends up giving the dead man's family all of his money to pay for the funeral. After this, Raskolnikov goes to visit Razumikhin at his house-warming party. When Raskolnikov gets there, Razumikhin is irritated by the people who are in his house. He gets so irritated that he ends up leaving his own party in order to walk Raskolnikov home. Razumikhin was drunk while taking him home, and ended up telling Raskolnikov things that he didn't mean to say. One of these is that Zosimov thinks that Raskolnikov is going mad. When Raskolnikov gets home, his mother and sister are there waiting for him with Nastasya. they all talk and congregate for a little while, then Raskolnikov starts to feel fain. At this time, Raskolnikov's mother, Pulkheria and his siser, Dunya, leave to go to their hotel. When Raskolnikov and Razumikhin arrive at Raskolnikov's flat, the author uses the quote "...that he had recieved an impression of a kind that he had never known before, and quite unlike others,". This quote describes how Razumikihn felt when Raskolnikov's mother and sister saw him. This line shows that razumikhin doesn't drink often, but because he showed up drunk tonight, they will assume that he is drunk all of the time.
    The next day, Dunya and Pulkheria come over to Raskolnikov's house with a letter from Luzhin. The letter states that the two of them should show up to dinner without raskolnikov, or else he will leave immediately. This is an example of situational irony because Raskolnikov has bascially given the same ultimatum to Dunya. However, Dunya refuses this to happen, and asked for Raskolnikov to come anyway to prove Luzhin's love for her. Raskolnikov agrees to do so. She also invited Razumikhin to come along.
    Suddnely, Sonya, Marmeladov's eldest daughter, comes into the room. She thanks Raskolnikov for the money that he gave her family. However, the whole time that Sonya is there, she acts sheepish and ashamed, and doesn't look anyone in the eyes. It is clear that Spnya is surprised by the amount of money Raskolnikov handed her family after looking around his apartment. This is shown in the quote "'...Why are you looking round my room? Mama here says it is like a coffin.' 'You gave us all you had yesterday !'". After a while, Pulkheria and Sonya leave, and Pulkheria starts to complain to her daighter about how she thinks that Raskolnikov is in love with a prostitute. After they leave, Raskolnikov and Razumikhin head to go meet Porfiry, who is the investigator of the Ivanova sisters' death. On the way, Raskolnikov notices that Razumikhin is dressed very nicely and is suddenly well put-together. He begins to make fun of him, as seen in the line "A six-foot tall Romeo!", which is an allusion. This line referrs to the great literary work of Shakespeare, which was Romeo and Juliet. Raskolnikov had known that Razumikhin liked Dunya. He kept making fun of him until they reached their desination. Once there, Raskolnikov and Porfiry seem to like each other at first, but then seem to be challenging what one another said. Porfiry's constant asking of questions began to agitate Raskolnikov, and he later on ended up leaving.

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    Feodor Dostoevsky

    Feodor Dostoevsky is the author of the book Crime and Punishment, which was written in 1866. He is from Moscow, Russia, and died in St. Petesburg. Dostoevsky was born November 11, 1821, and died February 9, 1881. This is when and where the book takes place.


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