There are a lot of things that humans receive from other humans, situations, or objects in general. Many of the things that humans get are because of something that they did. Humans receive all kinds of things as consequences, being good or bad. However, humans do not get anything that they receive for free. For example, humans do not receive a reward nor a punishment for free. When a human receives a salary, it is because they worked for it. It's not just physical things that apply to this. Humans recieve consequences for the things that they do. There is never a situation where something happens because of something that someone did not do, unless it is because their lack of action led to a consequence.
Jose M.
11/1/2012 10:07:03 am

What a unique point of view Danielle. I agree with your idea that things is our life are never "free" since we usually give up something in exchange for something else whether it's money, time, or effort. I would have to point out that S.I Hayakawa, although, would argue that we, as humans, receive knowledge in return for nothing since we never had to work for it by ourselves.


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